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The Wiz

Directed by Ms. Jennifer Geary
Choreography by Mr. Ryan Holdredge
Vocal Director - Ms. Tara Kasperowski
Assistant Choreographer - Mrs. Pamela Holdredge
Hannah Chesner as Dorothy
Nathan Stark as Scarecrow
Daniel Matson as Tin Man
Mykael Harvey as Lion
Nathan Johnson as The Wiz
Jessica Kaneski as Addaperle
Jordana Bach as Evillene
Jamie Murray as Glinda
Elaine Lance as Aunt Em
Levi Westfield as Uncle Henry
Breezy Corker, Alexia Diaz, Rachel Kenia, Crystalynn Richter and Amanda Rushworth as the Yellowbrick Road
Also Staring:
Mara Adams, Aurora Beaucheane, Rebecca Berry, Kendra Brosious, Connor Chesner, Brittney Cooper, Kira Cornell, Rosalee Culver, Krista Dieffenbach, Charisma Fell, Dennis Gilson, Zack Gresh, Noah Gruver, Dustin Hopfer, Caillou Kaneski, Christopher Mirabelli, Emma Mock, Emma Moran, Lorelai Paxton, Kinsey Petcavage,  Sabrina Plattner, Lane Repsher, Grace Richter, Anika Sehne, Emily Stanski, Hannah Zalewski, Sophie Burke, Madison Driscole, Hannah Hughes, Natalia Healey, Sydney Williams


Friday, April 13th & Saturday, April 14th

Tunkhannock Area High School Auditorium

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